New Labels for the Langlois-Chateau range of Crémants de Loire

With a strong reputation for Crémants de Loire, Langlois-Chateau, a House specialised since its origin in sparkling wines, presents today its Brut, its Rosé and its Reserve 2007 with new labels.

The full range of Crémants de Loire inaugurates today new labels, that will underline with their modernity and sobriety, the elegance of the House’s wines.

The famous diamond shape is now placed on the bottle. It already signed the still wines of the Estate. These new labels will outline the unique identity of the House, a modernity always sustained and a higher perceived value.

LANGLOIS CHATEAU GAMME 3 BOUTEILLES Langlois Crémant de Loire Blanc Brut BD V3 Cadrée Cremant Brut Rose_0077 + 0086_LANGLOIS CHATEAU