Live from the Langlois-Chateau vineyard: the pruning of the vine.

The first job of the year is under way in the vineyard.

The pruning consists in the removal of a part, sometimes important, of the wood of the vine stock. This has an impact on the current year, on the quantity and quality of production, but also the following year. It has several targets: to let the vine stay in an environment that is compatible with its culture, to ensure a sufficient but not an excessive production, and to raise the quality of the grapes, by improving their repartition and their micro-climate.

At Langlois-Chateau, 94% of the vineyard uses the Guyot simple pruning, 4% uses the Guyot double, and 2% uses the Cordon de Royat. What is interesting on the Cordon de Royat pruning is that it provides better aeration to the vegetation, and also limits the yields. This pruning method is used by example for the production of Domaine Langlois-Chateau Saumur White. In contrary, The Guyot simple, very widespread through the Val de Loire, is more productive than the Cordon de Royat and more adapted to the production of grapes used for the elaboration of Crémant de Loire. The pruning Guyot double mixte is the intermediate between the two pruning systems, and is used at Langlois-Chateau only on white grape varieties.

taille de la vigne (1)

taille de la vigne (2)

taille de la vigne (3)