Langlois Crémants white and rosé in the European Press

Langlois Crémant de Loire Blanc Brut
Langlois Crémant de Loire Blanc Brut


Langlois-Crémants de Loire Brut and Rosé have very good comments in the International press.


Ned Halley (wine writer) has made a very nice Langlois-Chateau focus in the Western Morning on August 24th.


He said that “Among the grandest sparkling wine producer in the Loire is Langlois-Chateau”. He is a great fan of Langlois Crémant de Loire Rosé, why should he pay more when you can get this level of quality at this level of price ?


You can also find a very good “Wein Tipp” in the Hamburg-magazin. Angelika Fischer hardly recommends the Langlois Crémant de Loire Blanc Brut. What else ?