Live from the Langlois-Chateau vineyard : burning of woods in Sancerre

In winter, the work in the vineyard goes on, in the wind or in the snow!

The Château de Fontaine Audon is part of the Langlois-Chateau Estate. The 15 hectares of vineyard are located in St Gemmes en Sancerrois, north of the Appellation. After the cutting of the vine and the pulling of the shoots, the burning takes place. A fire has been lit up in a barrow-burner. The shoots are put there to burn quickly. Very often they have to be cut again when they are too long for the width of the barrow, the fire has to be looked after, the barrow has to be moved along the ranks of vines…That means long days of work if the vineyard is snowy !

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CFA Sancerre 2013 CFASancerre2013d