Our team

The whole team of Langlois-Chateau (37 people) shares the same quality objectives of the Maison.

Michel Villedey

Michel Villedey

CEO from 1973 to 2008

Presided by Michel Villedey, Langlois-Chateau has always enthusiastically been promoting this idea of the Great Wines of the Loire. François – Régis de Fougeroux now heads the firm following the same philosophy.

Francois Regis de Fougeroux

François Régis de Fougeroux

Current General Manager

He is assisted by Laurent Onillon as Sales Manager (both France and export) and Jean François Liegeois as Production Manager (vineyard and wine making process).

Laurent Onillon

Laurent Onillon

Sales Manager


Jean François Liegeois

Production manager


Michel Launay

Michel Launay

In charge of all visits and on-site sales

As far as Langlois-Chateau is concerned, welcoming people at the Estate is a key point. Michel Launay is in charge of all visits and on-site sales.

Our team is at your disposal for any question, comment or information…

Everyone enthusiastically strives to share this idea of the Great Wines of the Loire!