The Winery Backstage

A visit in four acts


Langlois-chateau wine shop

We have an incomparable site in Saint-Hilaire/Saint Florent (south west of Saumur towards Gennes). Our vineyard looks over the House…from the hillside, our harvests and cellars offer a magnificent view of the château de Saumur and the Royal river: the Loire. The scene is set.

Book you visit by mail or call +33 2 41 40 21 42

Come and discover our 4 acts:

1. A short introduction to œnologie (in our wine school)

2. Discovery of the different stages of wine-making (from the press to the tanks) (in our cellars)

3. A 300m journey underground to learn about the traditional method (in our freestone cellars)

4. Comparative wine-tasting commented by a professional (in our cellar and shop)

film winery backstage

An immersion behind-the-scenes of wine at Langlois-Chateau will allow you to:

Understand the Big Idea of our wines from the Loire

Experience the wine-maker’s passion

Discover an exceptional environment, unique in the Loire Valley !


After having experienced our 4 acts, you will leave with clear information about how to make wine. At Langlois-Chateau, the meaning of wine tourism comes to life…in a very convivial atmosphere!

Book you visit by mail or call +33 2 41 40 21 42

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