The Langlois Crémant de Loire Rosé Brut, poured at 5 stars hotels in Austria !

19 August 2013

A 5 star hotel, the Iris Porsche Mondsee Hideaway is located on the Mondsee market place. The guests come and relax in a privileged setting. They stroll along the Mondsee lake, enjoy the golf courses and the cross-country ski tracks in the Salzkammer region. They off course gather at the hotel restaurant or at the Iris Bar, around a nice bottle of Langlois Crémant de Loire Rosé!

Iris_Porsche_Mondsee_Hideaway-Mondsee-Aussenansicht-2-180618 Iris Bar BD V3 Cadrée Cremant Brut Rose_0077 + 0086_LANGLOIS CHATEAU